Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Questions Related to the Application Form

  • Where do I find my ISA (International Study Award) percentage, and why is this the tool I use?
    Only students receiving financial aid from Yale will have an ISA percentage.  You can find your ISA percentage by logging in to SIS. Click on ‘International Study Award Eligibility’ under the ‘Financial Aid’ tab. This tool provides information that will help us assess your request.

  • When can I expect to receive a response?
    It usually takes 3-5 business days to hear back. Complicated requests and requests in the Yale College Ensembles category will take longer.

  • Who is evaluating my request?
    Designated Yale staff evaluate all requests in the order received. Based on the request category the reviewers may include your Head of College, staff in the offices of Student Affairs and Student Engagement and Undergraduate Financial Aid.

  • To who can I turn to if I would like to talk to someone regarding my situation?
    Many funding requests can simply be submitted through this application portal.  However, if you would like to talk through your situation with a trusted advisor you may find it useful to speak with any of the following: Residential College Dean, Head of College, Faculty Advisor, Cultural Center Dean, staff in the offices of Student Affairs and Student Engagement, First-Year Counselors, Peer Liaisons, or any other trusted mentor.

  • I have questions about my application or the status of my request?
    You may write to with any additional questions. Use the Check Status utility to check the status of your submitted request.