Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Who is eligible for funding?
    All currently enrolled high-need Yale College students experiencing financial hardship. This includes international students, undocumented and DACA students as well. At this time graduate and professional students are not eligible to apply for funding through the portal.

  • Do I have to receive 100% financial aid to be eligible?
    No. All submissions are reviewed on a case-by case basis and numerous factors are considered for eligibility.

  • What can be funded?
    Funding can be received for unexpected one-time expenses, such as medical expenses, winter clothing, emergency bereavement travel, technology, books and academic supplies, and costs associated with activities in faculty-led music ensembles.

  • How much funding is available for a student?
    Typical grants are $100-$500, dependent on individual circumstances and funding category.

  • What is the source of funding?
    Most of the funds are distributed from a dedicated centralized fund, available through the generous support of Yale Alumni.

  • How to apply for funding?
    Click on Submit a request under the funding request tab. You need to have a NetID to access the portal.

  • What to do if I need immediate help in emergency?
    Please call and/or email your Residential College Head for help. If they are not available, call your Residential College Dean, Operations Manager or Head of College’s Administrative Assistant.

Questions Related to the Application Form

  • Where do I find my ISA (International Study Award) percentage, and why is this the tool I use?
    Only students receiving financial aid from Yale will have an ISA percentage.  You can find your ISA percentage by logging in to the Yale Hub. Click on ‘International Study Award Eligibility’ under the ‘Financial Aid’ tab. This tool provides information that will help us assess your request.

  • When can I expect to receive a response?
    It usually takes 3-5 business days to hear back. Complicated requests and requests in the Yale College Ensembles category will take longer.

  • Who is evaluating my request?
    Designated Yale staff evaluate all requests in the order received. Based on the request category the reviewers may include your Head of College, staff in the offices of Student Affairs and Student Engagement and Undergraduate Financial Aid.

  • How do I receive the funds once approved?
    If your request is approved, you will receive an email with more information on how to access funds. Some students are offered monetary loans or loaner equipment.

  • Why does Safety Net not support travelling home to visit my family?
    Safety Net supports only emergency travel for high-need students.

  • I have questions about my application or the status of my request?
    Use the Check Status link to check the status of your submitted request. 
    You may write to with any additional questions. 

  • Can I appeal the funding decision?
    Once the decision is made you may discuss your concerns with the reviewer who informed you of the outcome. You may also submit an appeal to