Student Jobs

Student jobs are a great way to make money while being a full time student. They are also an excellent way to gain new skills and add to your résumé. Read on to learn about the different types of jobs you can get on campus, and to decide if a student job is right for you.

Why get a student job?

Students at Yale have varying degrees of financial independence from their families at home. If you are financially independent, or wish to help support your family, a job is critical to pay for monthly expenses. A student job can be a great way to ensure you can make money and devote adequate time to your studies. And even if you are not financially independent from your family, having a student job can be empowering and will help you to build up your own finances. 

Keep in mind…

Student jobs take up time. We recommend that you devote no more than 10 hours per week to your student job — after that, it may start to affect your studies. Before pursuing a student job, ask yourself if you have time for one. If you are taking an especially busy course load, or have a lot of extracurricular activities, and you don’t need the extra income, then a student job might not be the right choice for you. With that being said, plenty of students find ways to balance a job and their student life… after all, it is what these jobs are made for!

Types of student jobs

Yale offers many types of jobs, from working in the library, to paid academic research, to working in various Yale facilities such as the dining hall and the gym. The Yale Student Employment Office updates their website regularly with available Yale jobs, and they vary in terms of salary, time commitment, and academic focus.

When choosing the right job for you, consider your priorities. Are you trying to build up your résumé, or are you just hoping to make money? This can affect the type of job to which you choose to apply.  

You got a job! Things to consider…

So you’ve picked out the student job you want, you’ve applied, and you’ve landed it. Congratulations! Here are a few final things to consider:

Setting boundaries

When you applied for a job, the listing showed the expectations for the number of hours you would work each week. Make sure that your employer is sticking to those. You are a student first and foremost, and if you find that your work hours are eating into your academic schedule, you need to let your employer know. Just a gentle reminder of the number of hours on the original job posting can go a long way.


If you are getting paid through Yale, you will have to fill out tax forms. You will be asked to fill out a W-2 and an I-9 form when you begin work, and then will file taxes for your job.  Learn more about filing taxes at Yale.

International students

If you are an international student at Yale on an F1/J-1 visa, certain restrictions may apply. Per F1 visa requirements, students on this visa may not work more than 20 hours per week while enrolled as a student.  Take a look at the resources below, and reach out to the Yale Office of International Students & Scholars with any questions.


Employment Resources

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In an effort to support students pursuing careers in the nonprofit, government and the arts sectors or those who plan to attend graduate or professional school, OCS offers a reimbursement program for Yale College Class of 2023 and Class of 2024 graduates to help offset costs associated with career related engagements and travel for interviews/auditions. Each junior/senior can submit reimbursement requests for a total maximum reimbursement of $400.

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The Yale Student Employment Office (SEO) provides assistance to both students and employers in meeting their employment needs. SEO provides free job posting and on-line application services to the campus and local community.

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Looking to get some money for summer travel? Cant figure out how to fill out that annoying financial doc? Or just looking for some pro tips on financial wellness? We have you covered. This page is full of amazing resources, curated and written by folks who's primary interest is your financial well being. Click on any of the campus resources below to learn more

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Yale Career Link offers a centralized place to view career resources and find opportunities.

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Start networking today! Opportunities are endless, and career decisions can be a bear, let Yale's student to alumni networking group help you.

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The Office of Career Strategy works with students and alums of Yale College and Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as well as Yale postdocs from all to clarify career aspirations, identify opportunities, and offer support at every stage of career development.

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Over 6000 international students and scholars from more than 120 countries call Yale University their home away from home. OISS is here to help and support you throughout your Yale experience and beyond.