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Thinking About Money as a Yale College Student

First things first: 

Understand how much money you have, will have and when you will have it, and where it comes from. That means understanding your Yale Bursar’s account, your possibilities for earning money, and your tax obligations. If you are an international student, OISS has the information you need.

Do you have a bank account? How well do you understand how to use it most efficiently during your life at Yale? Understanding checking and savings accounts, online bill payment, transaction fees – these things may not be very interesting, but if you don’t feel as if you really understand your situation, you could start with learning about how banking works.

Budgeting & Money Management

The first step to confident financial independence is learning to manage your money and budget.

LIT Financial Education Program

LIT is a financial education program that teaches students how to manage their money while in school and prepare for financial life after graduation.

Yale College
Safety Net

If you are experiencing unexpected financial hardship, you may be eligible for emergency funding support from Yale College.