LIT Financial Education Program

LIT™, created by Tara Falcone '11

LIT is a free financial education master class taught by Yale alum, Tara Falcone, that teaches you how to manage your money while in school and build a solid financial foundation for life after college. Over the course of ~80 short videos, you’ll learn how to create a healthier money mindset, manage your cash flow, establish and boost credit, borrow money responsibly, decipher insurance, and start investing for short and long term goals. You’ll also get access to recommended resources, worksheets, and calculators, and be able to interact with other students and Tara herself via Q&A. As a Main Street-born, Wall Street-bred finance professional, Tara knows how difficult it is to navigate the financial world during college and after graduation. She designed LIT to empower students, especially Yalies, to rise up and achieve their financial goals.