Yale College Safety Net


Welcome to Yale College Safety Net for Yale College Students. This system is designed for currently enrolled students who experience emergency and unexpected financial hardship directly related to their education at Yale.

Please note that if this is an emergency requiring immediate funding (within 24 hours), be sure to check the box at the top of the Safety Net request form.

A Few Safety Net Notes

  • In 2018-19, approximately 50% of requests were funded, or solved with a loan of equipment
  • Around 65% of requests are responded to in 5 business days or fewer.  Some require more time
  • Depending on the request, you might be offered a small personal financial loan to meet your need
  • Many technology funding requests are supported with loaner equipment
  • Safety Net is not for things which you can plan for (eg. spring break, graduation expenses, storage)

Funding Request Categories

Requests will be considered in the following categories, but please note that funding is not guaranteed:

  • Winter clothing - preferential consideration for:
    • Requests considered: October through January
    • High-need students unfamiliar with winter weather
    • First and Second year students
    • Students who were ineligible to receive a start-up grant
  • Emergency medical/insurance
    • Beyond insurance coverage
    • For high-need students only
  • Commencement support for graduating seniors

    NOTE: This category closes Thursday, April 11, at noon. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, Yale is able to provide commencement travel support to the families of graduating seniors and seniors who are walking in Spring 2024 Commencement who have a zero parent share. To determine if you qualify, please log into Yale Hub, and check your most recent financial aid letter for the 23/24 academic year. Parent Share is listed on page 2 under the section titled “Expected Family Contribution and Options to Pay Net Cost”. All eligible students will receive an email the week of March 26th outlining the total value of travel support eligibility. The email will also provide funding application instructions. If you do not receive an email by April 1st, but believe you are eligible for this support, please email undergrad.fa@yale.edu. The deadline to apply for aid is Thursday, April 11th.

  • Technology
    • Requests for the purchase of new technology will be denied
    • Most requests are met with loaner equipment or assistance with repair
    • Upgrades to cell phones or replacement laptops are unlikely to be considered
    • The maximum loan length for equipment is a full academic year
  • Emergency travel/bereavement
    • OPT (Optional Practical Training) costs are ineligible
    • Requests to bring family for graduation cannot be considered
  • Books and academic supplies
    • For high-need students only
  • Yale College Ensembles: Glee Club, Symphony Orchestra, Yale Bands
    • Costs associated with activities and/or travel that constitute “full participation” in ensembles
    • Costs associated with instruments and equipment that allow for full participation in ensembles
    • Costs associated with fee-for-service lessons and materials
  • Other
    • Non-essential, non-emergency items cannot be considered
    • Top-ups to the International Study Award (ISA) or the Summer Experience Award (SEA) cannot be considered

Please see this reference for expanded descriptions of each Safety Net funding request category.

Make a Funding Request

If you are unexpectedly experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible for emergency funding support from Yale College.  We encourage you to research all of your options before requesting support through this portal.

To find answers to your Safety Net questions, visit the FAQ. To be considered for support, please submit an application below.

Once you have submitted an application, you will receive an email with a unique link to your submission.

We will review your request and provide a response via email within 5 business days. Please note that funding is not guaranteed.  Each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.