Start-up Grant

The Start-Up Grant, also known as Supplemental Allowance, is an additional scholarship in an amount of $2,000 that may be used to help cover costs associated with starting at Yale College. Examples of such costs are winter clothing, dorm necessities and course supplies.  

Who is eligible to receive the Start-up grant?  

All enrolled Yale College students with ‘zero parent share’ contribution. This means that their parents earn less than $75,000 annually – with typical assets – and cannot make contributions towards their child’s education. Students with zero parent share also receive free hospitalization insurance coverage and reduction in student effort.  The student effort is the amount all students are expected to contribute toward the total cost of their Yale education, including the billed expenses — like tuition and fees, a meal plan, and housing — and unbilled expenses such as travel expenses, course books, and laundry costs, which all students manage and pay on their own. This can be covered for example by earning income from summer and term-time work. 

As of 2020 the zero parent share award includes a lower, $3,700 per year student effort, which is evenly distributed for all four years, unless the family’s financial needs change. 

For more information, please refer to your Financial Aid Offer or contact Financial Aid

Start-up Grant